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Last night at midnight, every Apple Store around the world switched to our new “all white” Apple packaging. This took an absolutely monumental effort from every area of the company from Ops, to Marketing, Sales and Accounting. I truly want to thank all of you for the late nights, early mornings, box lifting and paper cuts.

Everyone’s hard work paid off and the boxes look great! As the Apple Retail team said “this the best assortment ever.” We should be very proud to be one of the only brands to have four products on the shelves of Apple Retail. I can’t thank you all enough for helping to meet this incredibly tight deadline.
Thank you!!

Rob C.Apogee

My dear friends and team mates,

I would like to take this eMail string and the links provided as cause to express my great gratitude to all of you for your magnificent work, help and support.

I am so very grateful for all you have been doing to make this product what it is today, to an excellent product with an enormous market potential.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, the many extra hours you have spent, the extra mile you have been going, your patience and support in handling the many changes we had to master through the hole project, your work in all the so important areas like development, marketing, sales, sourcing, manufacturing, production test, sample and sample modification, accounting, handling and organizing all those last-minute trips to Apple, for your great support of the Sennheiser team members.

And thank you for being an inspiration to the teams in Singapore, China, Germany, Albuquerque and to a very large extent to me.

I see these reviews as a confirmation that, together, we developed a new product category with an enormous potential. I am very grateful that you made it possible to have this great feature combination and even more to have developed a product with the potential to integrate a number of additional features for future updates and needs.

Thank you so much. Lorenz

Lorenz A.Sennheiser

Jeff and David,

Below is some feedback I just received from Firehouse.com regarding our 300×250 banner and eBlast that we did for The Silent Killer. Great job guys. Thanks.

“Exclusive Eblast Averages: I checked all of our Exclusive Eblasts August 2010 – January 2011, and the average open rate is 7.83% . Most of the Open Rates were 8.5%, but a there were 2 or three that had were in the 6’s which dragged down the percentage significantly. The clicks varied widely. There were 5 Eblasts that had 800- 850 clicks, and there were two that were extremely low (124 – 162 clicks) The company that had the low number of Clicks was the same each time. After looking at their creative material, I am not surprised by the low numbers. The number of Clicks all depends on the quality of the creative, and how compelling the call to action is. Masimo’s Eblast had 8632 opens with an open rate of 14.44%. Your clicks were amazing compared to the aforementioned stats. 2004 Clicks!

Good Creative makes a huge difference!

On Firehouse.com, the 300×250 averages around .28% Below you will see the OAS Report shows that your banner outperformed the averages. The Masimo Banner 300×250 Banner had a CTR of .4819%. Not surprising the banner/video was pretty darn cool!”

Steve H.Masimo


I didn’t think you could make it any better than the one you gave me this afternoon…DAMN!!!  THIS IS AWESOME!!!

By the way I need to let you know that I showed the earlier one to Jon Coleman and he absolutely LOVED IT!!!  And asked that nobody but us on this email and he see it or know about it until it hits the screen.

I also told John that in all of my experience at multi-billion dollar Johnson & Johnson we never had the capability to do this quality of work IN HOUSE.  We always had to work with 3rd parties to put something like this together.  I can’t say it enough, but you guys are awesome!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Jeff W.Masimo


OK, so after being away from home since last Friday the first thing I did after giving my little boy a very long hug is hook my laptop up to my 62″ LED to show my family your videos.  She was not only amazed by your work, but the fact that even after seeing these as many times as I have…they got me all teared up again!

Thank you for all that you did to make this meeting so great!!!  Your work screams passion and I truly enjoyed….really, truly enjoyed working with you guys on this meeting!  You guys have re-ignited an old fire in me that may have begun to burn out…and I thank you for that.

I look forward to working more and more with you and Tony!


Jeff W.Masimo
Thank you all for the special effort in updating the collateral materials for RadNet. I appreciate the effort and especially the numerous rapid turns and last minute edits. The end result are materials that I look forward to presenting to perspective customers at the AACN and NPSF meeting next week. I had the opportunity to show the Area VPs of Sales your work. They were impressed and very anxious to get copies. Every thing from the photos, to the layout, message crafting, work smithing, formatting, organization and communications to our venues were executed superbly.  This is my first real project interacting with your team. I truly enjoyed it and learned more than I could have imagined.  Thank you for your patients and good listening skills.
Jim W.Masimo

Thought you guys would like to see the feedback from Rick on the website. A lot of hard work went into this site, you should be proud of the outcome.

Thanks for all your hard work.

I just wanted to take a moment out of our crazy schedules to tell you guys what a fantastic job you and your team did on the Nellcor Fact vs Fiction website.  This was a HUUUUUGE task and I believe this will provide significant assistance in facilitating the our sales team’s efforts to expose Nellcor’s campaign of lies for what it is.  The site looks extremely professional, enhancing the credibility of the information, and the facts and proof sources are outstanding.

Congratulations on a job well done!


Rick F.Masimo
Team—No words can adequately express my appreciation for everyone’s diligence, patience and relentlessly positive attitude throughout this entire GTM endeavor. Not to mention the sheer hard work and countless hours spent working on every single aspect of the meeting. Even more important than my pride, gratitude and admiration, the entire company is  deeply impressed, delighted and thankful to all of you–everyone from Jeff and his team; the sales reps and other field staff from all over the world; and the entire leadership team, all the way up to Joe himself. Every single executive thanked and congratulated us. Several sales reps asked for copies of our videos so they can play them in the morning for inspiration. Jon Coleman singled us out in his closing remarks, to a thunderous round of applause. And Joe personally thanked me several times for everyone’s hard work and quality product.
In other words, you all kicked arse:-)
Anthony S.Masimo


I think it looks awesome!  It can’t believe you guys put that together in the time frame we gave you.  Don’t let that out or everyone will expect that.

Thank you very much


Believe me, you’re totally welcome. David Podosek (one of our designers) worked on it over the weekend. He deserves 90% of the credit:-)

Anthony S.Masimo
Team Texas,
Look at this AMAZING work from Tony and David in Marketing!  Please be sure to Thank them as they hustled to get these for us tonight so you can blast out to your customer base…time is ticking!!  Each is customized to specific Account Managers – find the one with your name on it and let’s go!
Tony and David, Thank You again!  Wonderful, beautiful work.  I bet we’ll get at least one order just because this looks so good!
Amy B.Masimo



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